What’s your wellness IQ?

We talk about general intelligence, artistic intelligence, emotional intelligence, fitness intelligence, street smart, financial intelligence, but have you ever heard of Wellness Intelligence?

If you closely observe people with healthy lifestyles, who are fit, eat well and exercise often, you will tend to find out they have specific knowledge about nutrition and fitness higher than the average person. The number of Americans falling in this category is very small.

70% of the population is overweight or obese, that’s 210 million Americans.
Of the 30% left, how many of them are skinny by default, you know, people who are skinny but unhealthy.

We talk about the health insurance crisis, the real problem is a nutrition crisis in America. But that’s a subject for another video.

Of the small percentage of people left, who are consistently healthy, in shape, fit and eat well, they possess some level of wellness Intelligence. Let’s go over some few things they would know about:

  • How to read food labels, from calories per serving, identifying ingredients and macros
  • They would know what is their current BMI and what weight range is best for them
  • They would know how much calories they need to eat in order to maintain current fitness level or get in better shape
  • They will know their current body fat % and what range to stay at
  • They will know they BMR, for basal metabolic rate
  • They will know how to break down total calories in Marcos, meaning, the amount of fat, carbs, and protein to eat every day
  • Some know the biological process of how the body becomes fat, the science of it
  • Some will know the science behind muscle building, protein synthesis, super-compensation, more than just going to the gym
  • They will know how each exercise target specific muscle and the right intensity levels
  • They will know the reasoning between, rest, sets, reps for each exercise they do
  • Some will understand aerobic and anaerobic training, endurance vs conditioning, power vs strength
  • Some will understand the science of supplements called ergogenic aids
  • They will know how to cook healthy meals, food prepping and what to eat when out with friends.

This is just a few things people who stay in shape, healthy and vibrant years after years know. That is part of wellness IQ. I’m not even talking about the mental control they develop over time, which is 99% of having a healthy lifestyle.

The Big Misconception

On the surface, we often think that people who are fit and healthy have good genes or have immense willpower, they just do it as Nike said and they are very disciplined. This is a big misconception, not the full story.

Definitely, people with healthy lifestyles have mindsets conducive to making them healthy, but they also have high wellness IQs, which is the level of intelligence when it comes to nutrition and fitness. This is one of the keys to health the majority of people looking to get healthy and in shape forget about.

We see fit people on Instagram and what we want to know is their workout routines and nutrition, rarely thinking of the amount of knowledge they have acquired to get to that point.

A similar thing happens to how some people view high-level athletes, that they are physically gifted and work very hard, ignoring the fact that they have a very high level of intelligence about their sports. They study it.

Information, right or wrong is what determines our actions in life. Human evolution was fueled by knowledge, the more we learned about ourselves and nature, the better we became at improving ourselves, developing tools and conquering every corner of the planet.

We went from being hunted to being apex predators on earth.

I’m saying this to help you understand that if you want to become healthy and fit, not just for a couple of months and relapse, but to make it a lifestyle, part of your nature, you must increase your wellness IQ.

You have to educate yourself on nutrition, fitness, and preventive health care.

This is something that schools don’t teach us, something as important as health, very few people understand it to a level where they can confidently be and stay healthy.

We all understand that if we don’t study, we cannot get good grades, but many don’t apply this to nutrition and fitness.

This is the same with your health, do you know enough? Do you know how your body functions? How to take care of it? There is nothing magical about this.

For the first 15 years of our lives, parents are taking care of us, of our nutrition, but during this all-time, most don’t teach us healthy nutrition and fitness, or a hint of emotional development… because many of them don’t know, so when we become independent, our wellness IQ is very low.

Applied knowledge is power, you can have the biggest willpower in the world, but without the right information, you will not succeed.

Wellness IQ overview

My approach from the start is a 360 view of health.

I believe that in order for clients to gain lean muscles, lose fat and remain vibrant and healthy as they age, they have to learn how to eat properly(nutrition science) and understand how physical training and activity helps keep the body in shape (fitness science) and apply them to their day to day lives.

But from a bigger picture, there are two branches of knowledge I focus on:

First, a mental approach where I help you take control of your mind, your control center.
This is the missing link in nutrition and fitness. This first step is the bulk of the iceberg, below the surface.

And Second, helping you increase your wellness intelligence, the topic of this video.

You won’t learn it all at once but I wanted to provide you an overview of what increasing your wellness IQ is all about. I truly believe that wellness IQ and mind control is what makes the difference between somebody who eats healthy and stays fit for decades and someone who is unhealthy or Yo-Yo weight all the time.

No matter what circumstances you might find yourself into, depression, loss of someone, jobless, divorced, if you have a good wellness IQ, you will maintain a good health and fitness level no matter what happens.

It’s like learning basic math or riding a bicycle… when you know it, it’s forever. There is nothing magical about this.

In conclusion, You won’t increase your wellness IQ overnight. I think to reach a decent level of wellness intelligence, you will need around six to eight months of learning to get to a level where you can become independent with your nutrition and fitness, at least to a point where you can grow on your own.

Now the question becomes, is it a priority for you, to allocate 3-5 hours a week toward getting in shape and increasing your wellness IQ?

People often ask me to write them a nutrition plan or fitness workout, like it’s the missing thing that will change their health and fitness. You can find thousands of apps that can provide nutrition plans and workouts, but without increasing your wellness IQ and mind control, you will not succeed.

It’s good to rely on someone who mastered nutrition and fitness. In this era with fake news and misinformation on the Internet, you will save tremendous time and energy by following the right blueprint to reach your initial health goals as fast as possible.

But don’t remain reliant on that person for years. Raising your IQ enables you to increase mastery over yourself. Nobody can master being you than yourself.

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