Time tells, how you spend your time reflects your priorities in life.

If someone who doesn’t know you were to observe you living from a distance, like a TV show, we could infer that where you spend most of your time every day is what matters most to you, that’s your priorities.

Without ever meeting you, we would be very close to knowing the inside of your mind,
because external behavior is a reflection of our inner lives, our mental lives.

So when it comes to being fit and healthy, that has to be reflected in your weekly calendar…
If, if it’s a priority to you.

Look at everyone who is fit and healthy with good nutrition, they put the necessary time because it matters that much to them. Time tells, this formula is a no brainer.

And nobody has cracked the code of time yet, poor or rich, we all have 24 hours a day.
Most of the people I train and help are very active, business people, doctors, moms taking care of multiple children.

Everyone has all kinds of activities they need to take care of every week,
but because health is a priority, they find the necessary time to exercise, either by walking or going to the gym.

They consistently eat well, that’s the most important part. Eat well and you are guarantee to be slim and healthy. It all start within, deep down in your mind, when you make that shift to prioritize your health, yourself, you have to dedicate and allocate enough time…

What economist call opportunity cost is about making choices, doing one task instead of something else, You are in a driver seat. Your priorities are what you want to do, so a certain dedication, joy, and passion will come while you are taking care of your priorities because it’s something you want.

Running a business, being healthy and fit, meditating, playing basketball, those are passions and priorities, I’m living the life I want to live, and because of this there is less and less resistance and it’s easy to allocate time to my priorities.

So again if health is your priority….maybe it’s not, but if you want to be healthy, look great and be fit, It has to become a priority, in your top 3, and you must allocate enough time in your calendar.

It’s up to you, thank you.

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