In today’s video, I will talk about an important topic affecting almost,almost…everybody looking to lose weight and stay vibrant.

The issue they face is of yo-yo weighting, from month to month, year to year, perpetually. This happens so much to people that it’s part of the collective consciousness of society… people expect that of themselves and see it as a rhythm of life, like the weather seasons.

The idea from this video came by talking and helping my sister, over the years… lose weight and try to help her understand that, the strategy and mindset she abides by is the reason why she is stuck in this yo-yo weight cycle, years after years.

In terms of lifestyle, Yo-Yo weighting is the main lifestyle people follow in the United State…when it comes to their health and fitness. It’s important to remember that today, being overweight or obese is the new normal…Unlike what Hollywood portrays in his movies and shows…7 out of 10 Americans are overweight…

But this doesn’t tell the whole picture, the reality is that millions of people come in and out of this category. A person who yo-yo weight has the ability to will himself at times to lose weight…and maybe you yo yo weight before or know someone who did it, but I know many people who have lost 50, 80+ pounds in a couple of months and like the majority of people doing this, they relapsed…

In this video, I will go over three points that will increase your wellness IQ in this subject… and help you… if you are looking to fully transition to a healthy lifestyle forever.

The first point I will cover shortly is why do people yo-yo weight.

The second point is what are the dangers of yo-yo weighting…I often say that it’s like playing Russian roulette with your life. Being aware of this can help you break free of this conditioning.

The third point is how to fix this problem, but it’s up to you to decide if you are comfortable with your current lifestyle of yo-yo weighting or want to transition to a healthy lifestyle forever.

First thing first, why do people Yo-Yo Weight?

Is it someone’s choice to say, I’m going to yo-yo weight? I want to eat whatever I want, and after the new year or before the summer comes, I will lose weight? Is that the mentality of someone who yo yo weight?

I don’t think so…At least consciously, the person who is yo weighting all year long doesn’t plan this in advance…Talking to many people over the years…Some of the answers I received were:

Well…It’s so hard to stay in shape, I have a sweet tooth, or what I call your inner cookie monster…
Just listening to this reason, you can see where the issue is here…To these people, the effort and pain to get in shape and maintain it is too much…or better yet, they can’t sustain it forever…

Another reason why people yo-yo weight is that they actually value eating more for pleasure than eating to be healthy and in shape… at the top of their game, fit and vibrant.

I speak to fitness trainers often, and I’m told that many people out there go to the gym just to limit the damage of their nutritional lifestyle. Basically, many people out there love to eat unhealthy food…on their priority list, food for pleasure is higher than being healthy.

Then you have another group who want to find a compromise between eating for pleasure and being somewhat in shape, of at least not too overweight or obese…

So this group of people eat unhealthy food regularly for pleasure and once they hit a certain threshold with their weight…it’s like an internal alarm…it’s time to lose it, the roller coaster is going back down to earth.

And they accomplish losing weight by forcing themselves, with hardcore discipline…which is a form of repression because this approach is not total…the cookie monster is encaged within for a while…he is on timeout…This is what I mean by using repression to lose weight…After a while, the cookie monster will come back in the driver’s seat.

Then there is another category of people whose yoyo weight cycle is closely related to how stressful their lives are…when they have many things to take care off, at work or home, they put their health and fitness on the back burner and reach out to eat food for pleasure…

Back 10, 20 years ago, one excuse was that…when you don’t have time to cook healthy food at home…you are doomed because there is only quick junk food outside. NO healthy choices.
But today, here in America, this excuse doesn’t fly. Because you can eat extremely clean, healthy food outside, it’s everywhere.

But it’s still important to note that in terms of stress, some people crave unhealthy food. Which I expand on in the lose weight forever program…saying that stress can lead many people to seek food that releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain, it’s a way to cool off…

And lastly, there is another group of people who yo-yo weight because they don’t have a good strategy. what they are trying doesn’t work, something is missing…and I believe that this missing piece is not a piece, it’s the bulk of the iceberg, it’s the mental aspect of making a healthy lifestyle change last forever…

The fitness and nutrition industry is not teaching people to take total control of their minds…because we can force ourselves to do things we don’t like, taking a class, putting extra time at work on a project, but it’s only for a given period of time…but with health and fitness…you are to be all in forever…so if you are fragmented mentally, it’s just a matter of time before you relapse…The cookie monster is powerful…

The dangers of following a yo-yo weight lifestyle

because I sometimes get the sense that people who yo-yo weight don’t see the consequences of this lifestyle as I and many people see it…it’s literally like playing Russian roulette with your health.

I will start at the top. We all aspire to be happy in life, but as you keep digging and pinpoint what human happiness is, you go beyond physical pleasure, which comes and go, then enter the mental joy and go beyond, toward peak wellness. Which I explained in-depth in a previous vlog.

Peak wellness is a state of inner calm when you are centered, at peace no matter what situation you face…it’s always in your emotional background…And being centered, you are at ease… this state of mind comes with a feeling of joy and zest.

All the afflictive emotions are first attenuated…lessen…and slowly, they evaporate…meaning, there is no more seeds of those negative emotions within you…this is what some religion called purification… from anger to boredom, to dissatisfaction…all those seeds are burnt deep down in the mind.

But how can someone reach this level of peak wellness if they are yo-yo weighting all year long. Top emotional health requires total control of one’s mind…whereas with yoyo weighting, you are under the mercy of your emotional state…So how can you truly be happy here.

Once you start to understand that there are levels of the emotional state you can access, beyond being normal, that we each have the potential to blossom, you will understand how being fit and healthy is a stepping stone to reach peak wellness.

Psychologists always point to the fact that one of the ways to increase your basal happiness is by eating healthy and staying active and fit, because of the mind-body connection, the brain-gut connection.

And most people kind of understand this. But Peak Wellness…Most people don’t get it…it’s hard to explain that to people… because how can you miss something you never had, how can you believe in peak wellness? It’s like believing in salt but you never tasted it.

But if you ponder and reflect on what all our actions and effort in life point to…it’s driven by a search for this state of being at ease…peak wellness.

Why do people drink alcohol, smoke weeds, do molly and so forth, because they access emotional states that normally, they cannot access…these are glimpses of peak wellness. It’s all mental, within.

Another danger of following a yo-yo weight lifestyle is that over time, your body lose the capacity to lose weight as easily as before…People forget that as we age, our hormonal state will degrade…drastically if we are not proactive with our health…So the same unhealthy food you ate at 19 years age, or 24 will not affect you the same at 32, especially with women…it will not affects you the same at 40 or 50..

And you reach a point where pound for pound, it’s harder and harder to lose 2-3 pounds then it was in the past…and then you get stuck.

Next, your health degrades…and the likelihood to develop all kinds of disease increases exponentially, doctors start telling you, you are at risk of this and this, take this pill, schedule this surgery.

Hypertension…diabetes, back pain…from momentary to chronic…knee or feet issues…people are peppered with all kinds of diseases as their health degrades and they gain weight.

The irony here is that, when people start to experience this sharp decrease in health, is when they are getting close to their earning peaks in life…so when they are making the most money, these health problems now take the center stage…pills can make it go in the background for a while but it’s only making it worse…The body is decaying under your watch, because now you are numb.

How to fix the yo-yo weight problem and transition to a healthy lifestyle forever.

Before you can even think of what diet to follow, what nutrition plan, what exercise to do, you have to zoom in on your mind. This is the critical step one that no one talks about.

Use these two tools I expand on in the weight loss program…Awareness and existential understanding. You have to reflect and ponder on why your current lifestyle… when it comes to nutrition and activity level will not make you happier in the short and long term…

You have to come to this realization within, not by what people or society believe you should do or look like. Understand why it is important for you, your health and life experience.Then to your love ones.

Next, you have to develop all the mental tools needed to evaporate the cookie monster within you, or better, merge him with your healthy side…and take control of your emotional center. Being out of center, you cannot be in control, it’s like a pilot sitting in economy class, you are not in control of the plane.

Awareness, deep understanding, mind state management, cool patience…not fake patience…
learning how to deal with your environment and peer pressure…these are some mental tools that will make sure your environment has no negative influence on your nutrition and fitness… and that you take the driver’s seat of your mind and emotions…

Combined with a high wellness IQ, meaning knowing enough nutrition science and fitness science, you are guaranteed to make this lifestyle transition once and for all.

Step one is taking care of the mental aspect, the 99%, step two is the execution every single day…

So three-element to think about if you yo-yo weight:

  1. What are the reasons why you yo-yo weight all year long
  2. What are the dangers or what will you miss
  3. How to fix this issue once and for all

It’s up to you, thank you.

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