I will explain how people generally fall into two categories
when it comes to going from healthy to sick.

I will use a story to illustrate this video. The frog story.
I don’t know if it’s true but it’s a good analogy to explain the mental environment of people in regard to their health.

The story goes like this, if you put a frog in cold water and increase the temperature very slowly, you can reach a super hot temperature without the frog noticing it…before it’s too late, all the way to his death.

I know, what kind of sick person would do this experiment right?
But if you take the frog and switch him from cold water to hot water right away, he will jump out, feeling the shock immediately.

This short story is very useful to explain how some people are oblivious to their health degrading and deteriorating. A large number of the population lost awareness of how overweight they are becoming, day by day they get unhealthy but for some reason, their mind adapts. it’s OK to them. It’s part of the culture.

Time and time again, I see old friends and family members I lost touch with for years or decade and it’s a shock because some I knew who were skinny gained 20, 30, 60 pounds. People that used to be vibrant with energy telling me how inactive and old they have become.

I’m shocked but they are not, I really feel sometimes like I care more about their health than they do. Now, I’m not shocked or desensitized…I just understand, it is what it is…

Men, women, rich, poor, no one is immune to this. We love to talk about politics and entertainment but allow ourselves to degrade, right in front of us. Some people are up to date with the current elections and know all the details of the coronavirus but neglect themselves…

It’s easy to pinpoint problems in the world and solutions,
but how about taking care of our health first?

  1. 30 million Americans have diabetes, 80 are pre-diabetic, meaning it’s just a matter of time
  2. 100 million Americans have High blood pressure, also called Hypertension
  3. 74% of Americans have digestive issues, this is huge, always being uncomfortable, you can’t even enjoy the food you eat
  4. That’s 63 million with chronic constipation, 15 million with IBS, 60 million with acid reflux
  5. 31 million Americans are affected with low back pain, the worldwide leading cause of disability
  6. And lastly, 168 million struggle with sleep at least once a week, spending 41 billion dollars a year on sleep aids

All those health issues are directly correlated with nutrition and physical activity, all preventable. Those numbers are so high, it’s almost impossible to make sense of them, until you become part of those statistics, until it happens to you.

When being unhealthy, overweight, inactive has become the new normal, you would be surprised to learn how people who end up diagnosed with those diseases are not shocked… They are slowly drifting into a movie with a bad ending.

You can see it on their faces and attitudes, they accepted defeat. They fit the frog in the first part of the experiment whose water temperature has been increased inch by inch and failed to notice it.

Now, let’s talk about those who fall in the second category, the ones whose internal health motion sensors are so sensitive, they notice instantaneously when they are not healthy and take the necessary step to re-adjust.

For people who prioritize their health, who are regularly active and proper nutrition is part of who they are, if something was to happen, let’s say, an accident, caching a digestive virus, a bad cold, malaria in Africa or even curable cancers, they tend to bounce back rapidly. Those incidents act as immediate shocks like the frog in the second part of the experiment.

Because they know exactly how it feels to be healthy, to move freely, to be full of energy. If you belong to this group, as soon as you get a little sick, an alarm sets off in your mind, the control center….you do everything in your power to regain your health, your vibrancy, it’s a must. Because it matters that much to your lifestyle. Health to those people is their main ingredient, their secret sauce.

Oftentimes, for many people whose health degrades slowly and get used to it, the big shock that can wake them up is irreversible diseases. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late to cure diseases like liver disease, diabetes, ulcers, osteoporosis, advanced back pain. Even if they start to eat healthy and exercise, they can only manage those diseases for the rest of their lives. You become handicapped.

And Once someone falls into one of those incurable diseases, he becomes a lifetime customer of the pharmaceutical industry, popping pills to manage pain and internal dysfunctions.

From a business perspective, as an entrepreneur, knowing how ruthless and competitive the pharmaceutical industry is, the fact that the Standard American Diet, also called SAD causes so many people worldwide to develop all kinds of health issues is a godsend. Basically, the food industry sending lifetime customers to the pharmaceutical industry.

And we know, as health deteriorates, mood deteriorates. Enjoying life becomes a hassle, your sensitivity deaden, you can’t taste it as you used to. So what do people do? They use food to make them feel happier, the same food that caused them to become unhealthy in the first place. Overloading yourself with junk food is how you become alive.

Hopefully, you are not at the stage of developing one of those lifetime conditions, if so, you have to wake up!

Take a look at your old pictures, remember the freedom of movement and how vibrant you used to be, ponder on how limited your experience of life is and will degrade if you continue eating the way you do. You have to come to a resolution from your own understanding, not about what people think, do it from within.

Becoming healthy, overflowing with energy,
it’s a pilgrimage that nobody else can do for you, you can’t pay someone to do it for you, there are no shortcuts.

  1. Increase your understanding of nutrition and fitness, which is your wellness IQ
  2. Learn how to take full control of your mind, the missing link
  3. And make a conscious effort to apply them every day until being healthy becomes your second nature, your flavor.

Health as a lifestyle is not an easy task to accomplish, but resistance, for the majority of our evolution was the bittersweet gift enabling us to be more conscious, mature and grow stronger, accept challenges and maximize our potential…. that what blossoming means, reaching the apex of your human faculties…

To finish, for an increasing amount of people, the only shock that can wake them up is death. Only a terminal disease can wake them up, that’s the only relief they can get from living in a body that is sick and rotten.

Death is the only solution at that point. It’s unfortunate but that’s the reality.

It’s up to you…thank you.

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