Hello,Let me ask you this question,

Are pain and pleasure equal?

In other words, do you think that there are more levels of pain and suffering that a person can fall down to but not that many levels of happiness and pleasure?

Or is the feeling of pain, more intense than the feeling of pleasure? Or are they equal?

This is an important subject to think about, or even better, to reflect on because this could help you understand deep down, why being healthy, in shape and vibrant matters so much and how that will increase your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

This topic is called the asymmetry of pain and pleasure. Meaning, people who study pain and pleasure point to the fact that it seems like they are way more levels of pain and suffering you can fall into, whereas there seems to be a ceiling, plateau to happiness and pleasure.

Think about this, if you are experiencing pleasure, how much happier you can become, and can you sustain it. It seems that after a while, it normalizes, meaning you don’t feel the joy and excitement of what made you feel good.

You fall back to normal, and being normal has a feeling. It’s not bad, but it’s not like you are extra joyful.
Freud the psychologist said being normal is to have common unhappiness.

For example, you get to own your dream car or dream house, but does the happiness you get from it last 3, 6, 12 months, maybe when you remind yourself, wow, I really got this car.

But on the other end, the human body almost can never get used to pain.

When pain is there, it’s tangible, is palpable, every day, you feel it. From a small burn to a scratch, to getting a cold, or a stomach virus, to higher levels of pain, like fever, toothaches, depression…to cancer or chronic back pain.

Unlike pleasure, pain stays as long as we act on it to stop it. If you don’t do anything about your back pain, it will linger there and get worse, over 3, 6, 12 months. The pain will be there.

Now, let’s link this asymmetry of pain and pleasure to your lifestyle, to nutrition and fitness.
What can we learn from this?

Motivation away from pain or toward peak wellness

If you deeply understand that the feeling and side effects of pain are more powerful than the feeling of pleasure, you will pay more attention to taking care of your health. This understanding is enough of a motivation.

When it comes to motivation, psychologists say there are two prime forces that trigger us to act. One is the motivation to stay away from the bottom, and the other is the motivation to go toward the top.

Analyze your own life, emotionally, financially, spiritually, what drives you?

In the context of this video, pain is a motivation from the bottom. You look down and see how much suffering comes with being sick, in pain, overweight, having diabetes, hypertension, cancer.

That’s enough of a motivation to eat healthy every day and stay active, be proactive with your health.
It’s also not given that if we get sick, we can come back to normal or get in better shape, reach peak wellness, blossom

But look around and from a macro perspective, if we look at statistics and behaviors…it seems like people do not realize the asymmetry of pain and pleasure.

because their behavior, when it comes to nutrition and fitness is to seek more pleasure via food, not realizing that the body becomes insensitive to pleasure after a while, at least at the same dosage.

And by increasing their consumption. They are blindly going into the direction of sickness. It’s like you think you are going to heaven but you are taking a first-class ticket to hell.

We, humans, tend to have amnesia of what it feels like to be sick, in pain, suffering. As soon as we get back to normal, we forget about the pain. It’s only when we are very close to being sick that we act on it.

Hence why when you are sick, whatever price the doctor says, you don’t argue with it. Yet people would say, going to the gym is expensive or they don’t have 2-3 hours a week to exercise at home and eat healthy.

Getting sick can be a tremendous opportunity to think about your current lifestyle and see if you can improve it to stay in top shape and be 100% of yourself for the majority of your life.

It’s up to you, thank you.

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