Dr Amiya Prasad: This Labor Day, "Don’t Let Your Guard Down"

Eminent Park Avenue Facial Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad Warns:

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Author of Forthcoming Facial Beauty Guide Says

“Protect Your Skin … Even at the End of Summer!”

Park Avenue – Manhattan – August 25, 2010:  Labor Day Weekend, the last big summer bash before heading back to school or the work-day grind, is known as the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of cooler weather.  For millions, it represents their last chance to work on their tan, to catch a few rays, and to frolic in the summer sun.

This late in the summer season, many sun-worshippers will set aside caution, refusing to protect their skin from the ill effects of harsh and harmful UV rays.  More important than caution – “just this once” – they’re looking for that one last shot at the coveted “sun-touched glow.”  However, Park Avenue’s renowned cosmetic facial aesthetic surgery expert, Dr. Amiya Prasad, M.D., F.A.C.S., advises late-summer sun-bathers to resist the temptation of exposing delicate skin to UV rays, especially in the facial area.

“It may seem like fall is right around the corner, but the Labor Day sun is still a “summer sun,” with all the potential to create skin damage that can leave you looking older than your years,” Dr. Prasad explained.  “Without protection from UV rays, your ‘sun-touched glow’ is going to cost your skin – and the price includes wrinkles, dry skin and premature age spots.  Perhaps they won’t be visible this year – or next – but the damage is real, and it doesn’t automatically reverse itself.”

Dr. Prasad recommends using layered protection that includes moisturizers and high SPF sunscreens, as well as cover ups such as hats and UV-rated sun glasses.  Sitting under shaded areas such as umbrellas or awnings – as part of minimizing exposure times – will help to eliminate or at least reduce the harsh effects of over-exposure to the summer sun.

“Combine several elements that – together – will greatly minimize the UV exposure to your skin,” he recommends.

“This is especially important for individuals who have had surgical, as well as non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments to reduce their apparent age, should take extra caution in the sun,” Dr. Prasad cautioned.  “Procedures such as micro-dermabrasion, photo-facials, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, botox and facial fillers all dramatically enhance the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Over-exposure to UV rays diminishes the benefits of these procedures and advance by years the time before you’ll require follow-up treatments,” Dr. Prasad explained.

“In addition to the risk of developing melanoma, there are other negative side effects from elevated exposure especially to the face,” Prasad said. “Many of the surgical procedures I perform on the eyes and face are necessary just to correct sun-damaged areas – damage that has escalated the patient’s natural aging process.”

Whether you are staying in the New York area or traveling out of state, Prasad recommends that you check the Ultraviolet (UV) index for your destination and prepare accordingly.

“The UV index is based upon three factors; cloud coverage, upper-level ozone, and sun angle – with the summer months being the most intense,” according to Meteorologist Ted Pretty.  The Las Vegas based KVVU Fox-5 weatherman explained that, “While southern the destination spots have higher UV indexes, New Yorkers will still face a UV index of 5-7 even as late in the summer as Labor Day.  However, if they travel south for the holiday, they may find themselves burning quickly in Vegas’ 10-plus UV index.”

Specific activity may also have an impact on the amount of UV rays penetrating one’s skin and face. Dr. Prasad, author of the soon to be released beauty guide, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger,” alerts outdoor types not to disregard the “reflection” factor of the sun’s rays. “Many people do not realize that reflected sunlight also contains harmful UV rays – one reason why people burn so easily after a day at the beach,” Dr. Prasad explained.

Professional meteorologists who study the impact of the sun on the earth’s surface understand this situation.  “Each surface has its own reflection rate,” KVVU’s Ted Pretty pointed out. “Grass has one of the lowest. Sand and concrete can reflect up to 25% of the sun’s incoming rays, while water has the highest reflection rate. In some conditions, water can reflect up to 100% of the sun’s most harmful UV rays.  Travelers must keep in mind that while for many, Labor Day represents the end of the summer – and it might be cooling off a bit where they live – the sun’s rays remain intense through Labor Day weekend, and beyond.  Officially, summer doesn’t end until late September.”

For a daily forecast of the UV index, Dr. Prasad recommends visiting the EPA website http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/uvindex.html), upload the EPA’s handy smartphone SunWise app or one of numerous UV index applications available for mobile devices.

For more information about Dr. Prasad, his facial cosmetic aesthetic surgery practice or his forthcoming beauty guide, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger,” or to arrange an interview, please contact Mary Vail at maryv@beautifulforever.com or at 702-257-2345.

Amiya Prasad MD Official Newsletter: Summer!


Summer is here! Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, or at work or at home, we all want to be in our best shape. Summertime is not only meant for looking good, but feeling good in your own skin.
In this issue of my newsletter, I focus on non-surgical rejuvenation services that can keep you looking refreshed without downtime! I am also very pleased to announce that I have selected the new  technology Pellevé for my patients who want to improve the appearance of fine lines and tighten their skin without surgery.Remember to protect your skin!
Have a wonderful summer!

Dr. Amiya Prasad
Amiya Prasad, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A Smooth, Dry & Sexy Summer

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Smooth bodiesNon-surgical rejuvenation may be your summer solution to looking great! It is known that Botox and Dysport can smooth away facial wrinkles, leaving you young and fresh-faced. However, did you know Botox and Dysport can also prevent perspiration in your underarms, palms and feet? Sweating isn’t pleasant, and neither is unwanted hair! Laser Hair Removal is ideal for women’s bikini lines and men’s upper torso. It is a safe and effective technique for all skin types to have a desirably smooth body.

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Protect yourself with the Skin Survival Kit

7th street cafeLet’s remember that “SPF” stands for “Sun Protection Factor”! We all love the sun…It can give us a nice, glowing complexion and an extra dose of Vitamin D. However, harmful UV rays can sun-damage and age the skin, accelerating wrinkles, brown spots and even skin cancer.  Protecting yourself with a good sunscreen of at least SPF-15 is vital to your long-term health and appearance. Apply and reapply sunscreen as often as necessary!

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Pellevé Skin Tightening

New Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

PellevePellevé is the newest FDA-cleared procedure for wrinkle reduction without surgery. Pellevé can be used to treat the skin on the face (including eye area) and neck. Using advanced radiowave technology, Pellevé works by improving skin firmness for a naturally refreshed appearance while boosting collagen production. Unlike other systems, Pellevé doesn’t require anesthesia or skin cooling. After a single treatment, my patients see lasting improvements for up to six months. About a one-hour procedure with no pain and zero downtime, Pellevé fits easily into busy schedules. For more before and after pictures, visit our website.

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