The Real Housewives of Jericho – VIP Event

Prasad Cosmetic Surgery & Medi-Spa hosted a private VIP event “The Real Housewives of Jericho” offering guests their special VIP treatments at their Garden City, Long Island location. The procedures offered at Prasad Medi-Spa include HydraFacial™, Pelleve Skin Tightening, and Airbrush Body Bronzing. The HydraFacial™ is the new hydradermabrasion procedure hydrates, cleanses and extacts pores, exfoliates the skin simultaneously, without irritation or downtime. Pelleve Skin Tightening uses radiowave frequency technology to lightly heat the layers of skin, stimulating collagen production. Immediate wrinkle reduction after Pelleve treatment results, as well as continued collagen production for up to 6 weeks. Non-surgical Pelleve has no downtime and little discomfort. Airbrush Body Bronzing is the safe alternative to tanning beds. Using professional airbrush spray tanning solutions, we enhance the body with color and contour for a just off the beach look. Call 212-265-8877 for your Hydrafacial, Pelleve Skin tightening or airbrush body bronzing at our Garden City or Manhattan offices.

The Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System – noninvasive, virtually pain-free, nonablative facial skin tightening.

The aging process and the cumulative effects of sun exposure, gravity, genetics, and other factors cause a loss of skin elasticity, which unfortunately leads to sagging of the skin and a loss of facial structural support. The key to tightening up loose skin without undergoing a facelift lies in a process known as “neocollagenesis” or stimulating new collagen. Whereas lasers use light to target the tissue, radiofrequency devices use energy to heat the skin below the surface to produce a tightening effect. The Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System is one of the newest innovations in noninvasive, virtually pain-free, nonablative facial skin tightening. The technology utilizes advanced radiofrequency to induce collagen contraction without damaging the skin’s surface.

Dr. Prasad reports the most significant areas of improvement in terms of visible reduction of wrinkles are in areas of thinner skin, such as around the eyes, “Pellevé can eliminate “crow’s feet” in eye area, caused by aging. Pellevé can also get rid of wrinkling that causes frown lines above the brow, renewing the appearance. Pellevé has been proven to provide safe and effective skin tightening in medical studies. Because Pellevé is a non-invasive procedure, there are minimal side effects and discomfort. Unlike other skin tightening systems, no anesthesia or skin cooling is needed during the procedure.”Pellevé device is that it’s a skin tightening procedure that doesn’t have any downtime. The tightening occurs at the under surface of the skin as the radiofrequency gets applied to the deep tissues. The technology allows me to tailor the procedure to each individual, which means I work on the eye area or on the fine lines around the mouth as needed. This ability to customize the treatment is a significant benefit.” (Read full article below.)

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Neck Nonsurgical Rejuvenation: Beware of Media Hype, It’s Your Neck, Your Results

When your neck skin started sagging, you took it in stride. Then, you invested in neck-firming creams and serums that your friends swore by. Now, after too many turtlenecks and failed DIY efforts, you’re in search of a serious solution. Can a nonsurgical procedure tighten your turkey neck? The answer may depend more on whom you ask than the state of your sinking skin. If a cosmetic cure sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Use my guidelines to tease out the truth behind neck treatments:

Proper Prep:

After you book a consultation with an M.D., do your neck rejuvenation research. But, don’t scour the Internet for every statistic and story of woe—too much info might confuse rather than clarify. Brush up on the basics:

When and Why: When middle age rears its head, you may notice neck skin sinking south. With aging, you lose muscle tone and subcutaneous fat, which define your jaw line and maintain skin elasticity.

Surgical Neck Rejuvenation, or a neck lift, refers to two procedures:

  Cervicoplasty: the removal of excess loose skin.

Platysmaplasty: the tightening of the neck muscle.

  Nonsurgical procedures address different levels and types of surface damage. Once skin loses elasticity, however, surgical neck rejuvenation is the only solution. Don’t trust anyone—expert or friend—who contends otherwise.

Injectibles: Botox can help reduce horizontal neck wrinkles when skin is still elastic. One treatment may last three or four months.

Noninvasive Ultrasound Therapy: Thermage, Titan, the newer Ulthera, and Pelleve, which I prefer and offer, tighten skin and treat wrinkles by heating the skin to generate collagen.. This, however, only applies to finer wrinkles and minor conditions-it should never substitute for real surgery in more extreme cases.

  Laser Treatment: Fraxel, among other laser treatments, can improve skin quality, but it cannot tighten loose skin.

The Devil’s in the Details: Regardless of the procedure, make sure you’re picturing the same jowl-free jaw as your doctor. Don’t let anyone use vague beauty buzzwords like “tight” or “smooth,” to describe expected results. If you don’t establish shared expectations early on, you risk hearing the dreaded, “it looks good to me…” Remember, as the patient, you have leverage—use it! They should have pictures, facts, and figures, and you have the power of “next, please.” Don’t leave any consultation without knowing:

The Cost: non-surgical treatments may require upkeep, which drives up cost considerably. Ask your doctor how long the results from a given procedure last, and always compare apples with apples. Permanent means one procedure; temporary keeps the tab rolling.

The Physical Impact: Simply put, people don’t want surgery. But surgical procedures keep improving. Before you equate neck surgery with extensive recovery and unbearable pain, get the whole post-operative picture—from the minute you wake to the last painkiller you take.

What if…?” Don’t avoid asking hypothetical questions. You have a right to probe into the possibility of something not going as planned. Ask about the guarantee for non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Confusing Fact with Fiction: Thanks to powerful marketing campaigns, new technology can earn a reputation before it deserves one. When hype builds and word spreads, even physicians feel comfortable recommending something “they hear has gotten great results…” Tread lightly around treatments until they’ve been on the market for at least a year, preferably two.

Doctor Knows Best:  An M.D. should be part of any medical decision, neck rejuvenation included. Doctors who perform the full scope of surgical and non-surgical procedures are most likely to furnish impartial advice. Don’t rely on a cosmetic center that isn’t affiliated with a certified physician, especially since a number of doctors, like myself, have added medical spas to our surgical practices.  I engage every patient in an open dialogue about treatment options, and establish a mutual understanding of realistic expectations. When a non-surgical procedure will best remedy minimal sagging or wrinkling, I explain and recommend the appropriate non-surgical approach.

Ultimate Night for Beautiful Eyes with Eliza’s Eyes

Beauty is in the Eyes of these Beholders!

Prasad Cosmetic Surgery teams up with Eliza’s Eyes

Eliza of Eliza’s Eyes and Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad launched their joint event, “The Ultimate Night to Beautiful Eyes” on April 12, 2011 at Dr. Prasad’s office on East 66th Street. Eliza, better known as “The Queen of the Arch”, was very excited to have Dr. Prasad as a joint sponsor for this event. Dr. Prasad is known internationally for his artistry with rejuvenation of the eyes and is the author of the book, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger, A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon’s Guide to Long Lasting Beauty”. He is known as the “go to surgeon” for naturally beautiful eyes.

prasad cosmetic surgery logo eliza's eyes logo

eliza petrescu eyebrow shaping
Eyebrow Shaping by Eliza’s Eyes

Both Eliza and Dr. Prasad have been featured in the media and are frequently seen with celebrities at events and fundraisers in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

At the “Ultimate Night to Beautiful Eyes” event, both Eliza’s team and Dr. Prasad’s team performed samples of their state of the art services for the attendees to be featured in their forthcoming “Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Eyes”. Dr. Prasad provided anti-wrinkle treatment around the eyes (crow’s feet lines) using new technology called Pelleve (non-surgical radiofrequency stimulation of collagen while Eliza and her team of associates worked their eyebrow shaping magic. The combination of rejuvenation services provided that evening allowed many people to go home that night feeling younger and glamorous!

pelleve skin tightening at prasad medispa new york
Pelleve Skin Tightening by Prasad Medispa

Dr. Prasad and Eliza frequently work together after cosmetic eyelid rejuvenation surgery. “Eliza does a beautiful job shaping the eyebrows. She makes everyone’s eyes look even better after eye surgery” comments Dr. Prasad.

eliza petrescu and amiya prasad md
Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad with “Queen of the Arch” Eliza Petrescu

Eliza commented “Dr. Prasad is an artist in his surgery and we share a common philosophy in how we look at people’s eyes It’s not about trends that come and go but rather about looking at the balance of someone’s face and enhancing the beauty of the features that are there. He’s a great guy and we work very well together as a team.”

Pelleve Skin Tightening: A new procedure, with LI roots, in the war on wrinkles (Newsday)

There’s yet another weapon in the war on wrinkles.

Called Pelleve, the process uses radio-wave technology to induce heat into the skin, stimulating collagen growth to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The technology was developed by Ellman International, a medical company in Oceanside, N.Y., that got its start making equipment for dental surgery.

Pelleve was granted FDA approval as a facial wrinkle reducer in May 2009, said Tom Harper, vice president of global marketing at Ellman. The equipment was initially used to stop bleeding during surgery, said Harper, adding that the treatment is now being used in well over 200 facilities in the country. “Patients seem to feel there’s a lot of value in the product, especially around the eyes and jawline,” he said.

WHAT TO EXPECT The doctor or technician will apply a protective gel, then run the handpiece over the area being treated. Patients generally report feeling a sensation of warmth. “It goes to a point where it feels very hot,” said cosmetic surgeon Amiya Prasad, one of several Long Island doctors using the treatment. “Most people tolerate it very well,” he added. No numbing or anesthesia is required (or desired since they want you to speak up if it gets too hot).

DOES IT WORK? “Pelleve has worked out to be a good service for our patients, for the person who is not quite ready for a face-lift,” Prasad said. Likewise, Greenvale dermatologist Deborah S. Sarnoff says patients have been happy with the procedure, which she often combines with Botox and fillers. “A Pelleve treatment is administered to improve overall skin laxity,” she said, “then I inject filler to areas that may need more volume and Botox to relax the dynamic wrinkles.”

Sarnoff says that, unlike other treatments, “patients see an immediate improvement,” though many doctors suggest two or three sessions for the best results.

HOW’S IT DIFFERENT? Pelleve differs from Thermage, another procedure that uses radio frequency, in that the handpiece can be moved back and forth over the skin, which doctors say allows them to more easily target problem areas.

COST Harper says costs vary widely. In this area, treating the entire face runs $1,500 to $2,000 a session; treating a single area (like the eyes) can run $500 to $1,000.

WHO SHOULD HAVE IT? Both Prasad and Sarnoff say the ideal Pelleve patient is someone with mild to moderate wrinkling or skin laxity, or someone who had a face-lift and wants to maintain the results.

By Barbara Schuler; Newsday, Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pelleve Skin Tightening Amiya Prasad MD

Amiya Prasad MD Official Newsletter: Summer!


Summer is here! Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, or at work or at home, we all want to be in our best shape. Summertime is not only meant for looking good, but feeling good in your own skin.
In this issue of my newsletter, I focus on non-surgical rejuvenation services that can keep you looking refreshed without downtime! I am also very pleased to announce that I have selected the new  technology Pellevé for my patients who want to improve the appearance of fine lines and tighten their skin without surgery.Remember to protect your skin!
Have a wonderful summer!

Dr. Amiya Prasad
Amiya Prasad, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A Smooth, Dry & Sexy Summer

Forget sweat and unwanted hair!

Smooth bodiesNon-surgical rejuvenation may be your summer solution to looking great! It is known that Botox and Dysport can smooth away facial wrinkles, leaving you young and fresh-faced. However, did you know Botox and Dysport can also prevent perspiration in your underarms, palms and feet? Sweating isn’t pleasant, and neither is unwanted hair! Laser Hair Removal is ideal for women’s bikini lines and men’s upper torso. It is a safe and effective technique for all skin types to have a desirably smooth body.

Our Non-Surgical Rejuvenation services also include fillers and injectables that can help you get that perfect pout or accentuated cheekbones you’ve always wanted. We offer Juvederm, Sculptra Aesthetic, Radiesse and more. Please visit our MediSpa website for more information on our non-surgical rejuvenation services for the face and body.


Protect yourself with the Skin Survival Kit

7th street cafeLet’s remember that “SPF” stands for “Sun Protection Factor”! We all love the sun…It can give us a nice, glowing complexion and an extra dose of Vitamin D. However, harmful UV rays can sun-damage and age the skin, accelerating wrinkles, brown spots and even skin cancer.  Protecting yourself with a good sunscreen of at least SPF-15 is vital to your long-term health and appearance. Apply and reapply sunscreen as often as necessary!

Ask about Dr. Prasad’s Skin Survival Kit, which includes our clinically-formulated and chemical-free Moist Silk Defense SPF-30.

Pellevé Skin Tightening

New Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

PellevePellevé is the newest FDA-cleared procedure for wrinkle reduction without surgery. Pellevé can be used to treat the skin on the face (including eye area) and neck. Using advanced radiowave technology, Pellevé works by improving skin firmness for a naturally refreshed appearance while boosting collagen production. Unlike other systems, Pellevé doesn’t require anesthesia or skin cooling. After a single treatment, my patients see lasting improvements for up to six months. About a one-hour procedure with no pain and zero downtime, Pellevé fits easily into busy schedules. For more before and after pictures, visit our website.

To set up your Pellevé consultation with Dr. Prasad, call our patient coordinator at (212) 265-8877.

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