Interview with Featured Diplomate Dr. Amiya Prasad by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

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Dr. Amiya Prasad is a featured Diplomate and Board of Trustees member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery


1. What made you decide to specialize specifically in cosmetic surgery?

“During my fellowship in oculoplastic surgery, I particularly enjoyed helping people with their cosmetic concerns. I also recognized that patients with functional problems requiring reconstructive surgery were also very concerned about their cosmetic results. This awareness prompted me to immerse myself into learning and expanding my knowledge and training in cosmetic surgery. My golden rule is to treat every patient as if they were family. This means that I’m committed to achieve the highest level of expertise perform the procedures my patients need safely and predictably. I found that no other professional organization has this level of focus on excellence in cosmetic surgery through training, testing, and continuing education than the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Your education doesn’t end with training. Having peers and mentors in ABCS has been invaluable for my patients and myself. Being in practice for more than 20 years, the opportunity to help people look better and feel more confident is something I am excited about every day.”

“The opportunity to help people look better and feel more confident is something I am excited about every day.”

Dr. Amiya Prasad

Dr. Amiya Prasad helping people look better, and feel more confident


2. Can you share a patient story that really touched you?

“Every patient’s story is unique. I’m moved and inspired by their stories everyday. People come in for a wide range of reasons. I’m particularly inspired by personal stories where the patient overcame challenges in their lives and are now taking time to care of themselves. Cosmetic Surgery is often perceived and portrayed as being a frivolous indulgence for dysfunctional vanity. This has not been my experience. My patients are the same people you interact with in all aspects of your everyday life. They work hard and they want to look better. It’s that simple. One patient who comes to mind is a remarkable lady who came in several years ago and wanted to improve her facial appearance. I performed facelift surgery for her, which went very well. She was so happy with her appearance that she entered the Miss New York Senior America Pageant and she did very well. She even told her story on a video which is now on YouTube. By helping her look better, I helped her enjoy her life at a whole new level. That’s really great.”

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3. How do you see cosmetic surgery evolving? What role do you hope to play in this evolution?

“I see the role of cosmetic surgery as being a part of a comprehensive strategy for optimal health, which goes with optimal appearance regardless of your age. For example, I perform cosmetic eyelid surgery every day for problems such as hooded upper eyelids and under eye bags in addition to specialized oculoplastic procedures such as ptosis surgery and revision eyelid surgery. I further help my patients optimize their appearance with non-surgical procedures including injectable fillers, lasers, and PRP. I also spend a lot of time discussing the role of diet, exercise and supplements as well as proper skin care. As Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, my colleagues and I are in an ideal position to provide this type of comprehensive approach with unparalleled expertise. In my experience, non-surgeons and non-physicians are less likely to recommend a surgical option to their patients since they don’t have training or expertise in Cosmetic Surgery. I feel that in terms of the evolution of cosmetic surgery as a discipline and the aesthetic field as a whole, we in the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery have a very important role in educating and guiding consumers to help them understand the risks, benefits and options of any aesthetic procedure they may be considering. As someone who’s been in this field for over 20 years, I feel it’s my duty to share my expertise and experience to advance this mission of educating the public.”

Cosmetic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD also discusses the importance of diet, exercise, supplements, and skin care with his patients

Dr. Prasad discusses the role of diet, exercise, supplements, and skin care with his patients, in addition to cosmetic procedures.


4. Do you have any pearls of wisdom that you would like to share with other ABCS certified surgeons?

“The Internet and social media platforms have made information and misinformation easy to disseminate. Companies and paid medical consultants saturate consumers with misleading claims. This can leave highly trained doctors such as ABCS surgeons feeling frustrated in not being able to share their knowledge to help consumers with unbiased perspective. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is shrug your shoulders and do nothing. My advice is to make your professional voice heard through the same platforms that people go on regularly. People want honest information. If you don’t share your expertise, the general public will only know what they are exposed to. As is the case for any group where selection is based on very high standards, The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is a relatively small group. You can help the public, yourself and our organization by actively participating in this conversation.”

Dr Prasad sharing his knowledge to the public

With the internet and social media making information and misinformation easy to disseminate, ABCS surgeons can help in sharing their knowledge with the public.


5. If you were to have a career in something other than medicine what would that be?

“Doing this type of work where I make a big difference in people’s lives through creative problem solving and working with my hands makes being a Cosmetic Surgeon the perfect career for me. I particularly enjoy listening to every patient’s story and learning about who they are and what motivates them to want to look better. I find myself thinking a lot about each patient’s journey and my role in their life story. This love for story combined with my interests in drawing, photography and video production naturally leads me to say that a career as a filmmaker or director would probably suit me. If being a filmmaker was my career, I probably would create films or a binge-worthy series on Netflix about Cosmetic Surgery.”

Dr. Amiya Prasad’s passion for filmmaking and photography help him and his results stand out

Dr. Prasad’s passion for photography and filmmaking help him provide better service for his patients, and make him stand out among other cosmetic surgeons.


“I would like to thank the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery for featuring me to in our professional newsletter. I hope that my interview helps our fellow ABCS members and the general public gain some knowledge, perspectives and insight about me as a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. I hope that my experience of being in practice for over 20 years will help our fellow members and anyone interested in learning more about The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. So, take a look and read the interview online and you can also watch the video of the interview. Please feel free to ask questions. Once again, I want to say thank you to The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery for this opportunity.”

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    Dr. Prasad speaks at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas about PRP and The Vampire Facelift

    Dr. Prasad at The Aesthetic ShowSaturday, April 14, 2011 –

    Dr. Prasad was a featured speaker at The Aesthetic Show at The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on  to teach physicians about his techniques for performing PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment and The Vampire Facelift. “I was impressed by the large number of people who attended the lectures and workshops,” comments Dr. Prasad. “I know from doing these procedures for a long time that people are very happy with using their own material to restore volume in the face and have glowing skin.”

    Dr. Prasad discussed the benefits of an authentic Vampire Face-Lift Procedure as well as other Vampire PRP applications including combination PRP therapies as the future of autologous skin rejuvenation and repair.

    Four Great Beauty Tips to Get Ready for Spring!

    great beauty tips1-Exfoliate – Exfoliate, Exfoliate!  Spring is right around the corner, and before we bare it all, we must exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skin cells, and get that radiant glow!

    2- Hydrate –  Hydrating is so important, not only drinking a ton of water but also using the right moisturizer! Prasad Medical Skincare line has the perfect intense hydrating lotion for everyone!

    3- Protect –  With the spring right around the corner, the Sun’s rays are getting stronger every day! We must use an SPF of at least 30, and make sure to reapply! For great protection try Dr. Prasad’s Moist silk defense SPF 30. Not only will it protect you from the harmful rays, it also has a sheer tint that really evens out the skin tone and gives a nice flawless finish to your skin!

    4-Glow –  Spring time is coming we all want to get rid of that winter pastiness, forget about the sun! Try our Airbrush body bronzing, you will get that flawless tan without the harmful rays of the sun!

    Hair Rescue™ Treatment Offers More Affordable and Non-Surgical Option for Restoring Hair

    Hair loss can be a thing of the past thanks to an injection that can help further prevent and even reverse hair loss. Prasad Cosmetic Surgery is now offering  ACell / platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, called Hair Rescue™. He has spent years researching and proving that only when the wound healing powder ACell MatriStem MicroMatrix is combined with PRP, in the proprietary formulation that he has developed over the course of his thorough research and clinical studies, it can help to both prevent and regenerate hair in men and women experiencing genetic hair loss – all without surgery.

    It was discovered that if the MatriStem powder is dissolved in a specialized blood serum rich in the patient’s adult stem cells and injected into the scalp, his proprietary combination acts like a hair growth accelerator. The Hair Rescue™ injection treatment is now available at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa through its newly opened Hair Rescue and Restoration™ center.

    “Hair Rescue injections finally give men and women a non-surgical option for both preserving and restoring hair by reactivating genetically faulty scalp stem cells,” said Dr. Prasad. “For those in the early to moderate stages of hair loss, this revolutionary, proprietary injectable combination of ACell and PRP can help prevent further hair loss and help restore a patient’s hair.”

    Dr. Amiya Prasad has been seeing patients from all around the world ever since work with ACell and PRP gained world-wide attention in the field of hair restoration. Many patients see improvement in hair volume in as early as three weeks to six months following Hair Rescue™ injections in their scalp and in two years, not one patient has needed repeat injections, making this a much more affordable option for improving hair loss.

    Vampire Facelift™ Video – Performed by Dr. Prasad

    New York’s Dr. Amiya Prasad explains and performs The Vampire Facelift™ on a patient. Dr. Amiya Prasad was trained by Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the “Vampire Facelift™, and now offers his patients in New York and Long Island The Vampire Facelift™. Used to treat hollowing under eye area and cheeks losing volume with age as well as the area around the mouth, The Vampire Facelift™ is a great non-surgical solution without any downtime.

    The patient undergoes a Vampire Facelift™ performed using a combination of hyaluronic acid (such as Restylane or Juvederm) with platelet rich fibrin matrix (activated platelet rich plasma or PRP) using the Selphyl of RegenLab system in an artistic way to restore the lost volume in the face. Dr. Prasad’s Vampire Facelift™ patients enjoy natural results using their own blood that is then specially processed for use as a natural filler for the face, eyes, cheeks and mouth with immediate results and minimal bruising and swelling.

    Administered like an injectable filler, the benefit of the Vampire Facelift™ continues over time after the procedure as the growth factors in the blood stimulate the body to create collagen and new blood vessels which create a beautiful complexion to the skin and enhance the face.

    Dr. Prasad offers the Vampire Facelift™ procedure at his offices in Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island.

    To schedule a consultation with Dr. Prasad for the Vampire Facelift™, call 212-265-8877 or email

    Patient Reviews of HydraFacial™

    More HydraFacial™ Testimonials

    The last time I had a facial, all my friends asked “What happened to your face?” (since it was so irritated) and I explained I that had a facial. Being a guy, a lot of my guy friends made fun of me for having a facial done! However, I just had the HydraFacial™ and instead of looking worse for a few days until the skin on my face settles back down – the HydraFacial™ was instant positive results. It only took 20 minutes and after I can feel my skin breathing and I feel refreshed. I’ve been happy with the results of other types of facials, however the HydraFacial™ allowed me to get on with my day without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of my skin just after. I definitely would recommend HydraFacial™ if you have an event to go to or a busy week or weekend planned – or if you are just a guy in general because you don’t have to lie there a very long time.

    The process was really cool and quick. The esthetician at Prasad Medi-Spa started off the HydraFacial™ by putting a hydrating gel on my face to hydrate my very dry skin – this is good because I have to shave every 2 days, so my beard area gets extremely dry and sensitive from shaving so often. After she then infused the glycolic acid onto my my face, and using the special HydraFacial™ wand, began the extractions. There is no discomfort or pain, it is like a little suction – like a mini-vacuum that you can feel cleaning your facial pores and skin. I’ve noticed the most difference after HydraFacial™ on my nose – which gets very congested, dirty pores. My nose now looks very smooth with healthy skin. After the extractions, she re-hydrated my skin with the product. Then, she applied a green tea eye cream and also hydraluronic acid all over for extra rejuvenating.

    Plastic Fantastic: Platelet Rich Plasma fillers

    Written by: Valentina Zannoni – Source:

    Between an eye-lift and a hair transplant, Dr Prasad took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Swide about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) fillers, the latest must have age defying practice.

    But first here’s a brief biology lesson to get to grips with the terminology. Plasma is the yellow liquid which makes up over 50% of the blood. The actual blood cells are suspended in the plasma, making it the petrol of our organism. Platelets are those tiny cells that serve to create blood clots and therefore start the healing process of the skin.

    PRP has been used for a while in other medical specialities, such as in orthopaedics for the cure of joints and chronic injuries to help stimulate the healing process. While three years ago, medical professionals from the cosmetic sphere started to think about the uses of PRP in their field. Dr Prasad, a facial rejuvination specialist at the Prasad Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in New York City, has been using this substance as a filler for two years now. “By placing it [PRP] in the skin” Dr Prasad explains, “you are injuring the skin in a controlled way and you are essentially healing a wrinkle by filling it with a material that will recruit the body’s collagen and start the healing process.” In layman’s terms, unlike Botox, PRP is used to restore volume under the skin.

    PRP fillers are particularly effective on fine lines around the mouth, eyes, even bags under the eyes and also to reduce the depth of acne scars. The optimum age to undergo a treatment is when you are over forty, unless you want to treat acne scars, then the median age of the patient is halved.

    And how about those stubborn expression lines? Well PRP fillers can also work on those. Dr Prasad says that this treatment can be used“ anywhere where the lines are relatively small, forehead lines are shallow, Botox can relax them but there is no good filler to plump them out and we’ve been using PRP.”

    How do PRP fillers compare to more traditional chemical fillers like Restylane? Dr Prasad explains that it’s a matter of patience, the two provide more or less, equivalent results, its just a question of time. “With Restylane you get immediate results, because 1cc of liquid equals 1cc of correction. With PRP you may get immediate appearance of improvement but you have to wait to see the result because body has to respond by generating collagen. It’s a healing process.” Even though the results may come more slowly, the effects of PRPs however, can last a year or more, while other chemical fillers start fading after about six months. A PRP session, which can consist of 3 or 4 injections, is also better value for money, as typically it costs $1.500, while for one syringe of Restylane the retail price is $800.

    PRP fillers are attracting an increasing amount of would be clients. “People do a lot of research, they learn a lot online, and they come and ask about it.” Dr Prasad has found that his role as surgeon has developed into teacher as well, “ often I have to educate them on what [fillers] can and can’t do. It takes the judgement of a professional to understand what they can do and how to apply them so you get the maximum benefit.”

    In recent years, cinema, TV and literature have resurfaced the public’s fascination and interest in Vampires- today, in cosmetic surgery, the benefits of blood go further than fantasy and are becoming reality.

    Study: Makeup makes women look competent, trustworthy

    The article below reports the benefits of wearing makeup and the impact on how others perceive you misses the big picture entirely. It’s not makeup alone tha that has this effect. The photos shown in the article are of women who have youthful features which the artful application of makeup enhanced. The key elements to looking competent and trustworthy overlap with the elements of being attractive (what we see biologically as “strong”). Each of the faces shown have nice eyes, cheek bones and well defined youthful jawline. Artistically applied makeup accentuates these features making them look even better.

    The key is that good foundation (facial structure) can be enhanced with makeup. In my practice, I’ve observed that as many people experience aging changes, they compensate by trying to cover the puffy bags under the eyes and the area of the cheek and jowls with makeup which makes these areas look worse. Just like fine clothes look great on a fit and healthy body, beautifully applied makeup looks great on a balanced face.
    Amiya Prasad, MD

    Models without makeup and with natural, professional and glamorous makeup, as shown in a recent study.

    By Rina Raphael

    models with and without makeupIn beauty, less is often more.

    It turns out a little makeup goes a long way in how the public perceives you, but piling on the products does you no favors. Researchers found that makeup makes women more attractive, competent and trustworthy as opposed to their bare-faced peers, according to a new study, funded by cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble and carried out by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    The study’s participants were given just 250 milliseconds to look at several photos of women in various degrees of makeup – no makeup, “natural”, “professional”, and “glamorous” – with the ratings increasing with the amount of beauty product used. “We found that when faces were shown very quickly, all ratings went up with cosmetics in all different looks,” lead author Nancy Etcoff, associate researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, told ABC News.

    That should be no surprise, as many a study has confirmed that attractive people are often deemed more likeable and are “expected to do better on the job, in school and in life,” the study says. “This phenomenon is present from birth,” Tiffany Field, a research professor at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine told ABC. “Even newborns and young infants have a preference for attractive faces.”

    But before you get carried away at vanity table, there’s a limit: Positive perception declines as makeup gets heavier.

    When those same participants were given time to study the images for a lengthier amount of time, the ratings changed. Instead, for the dramatic makeup looks, “people saw them as equally likable and much more attractive and competent, but less trustworthy,” Etcoff told ABC.

    Is the “Housewives” look less desirable? “Too much makeup can appear as a shield, something you’re trying to either hide behind, or use to change who you are,” TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas said.

    While the findings seem plausible, some are a tad wary the study, in part because it was funded by Procter &  Gamble, which owns CoverGirl cosmetics. “Any time a study is funded by a corporation with an interest in its outcome, you have to take the results with a grain of salt,” Jamie Peck,  contributing editor at The Gloss, told “However, I do not find it that hard to believe that people would subconsciously penalize women for failing to conform to a normative concept of gender (of which makeup is a part).”

    Of course, makeup can help empower and express a sense of self-worth, said Thomas, but it’s not the guiding factor in a woman’s image. “It comes down to a fine line between confidence and fear or insecurity.”

    Natural Dermal Fillers Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    Dermal fillers minimize creases around the nose and mouth.

    Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is fast becoming one of the most useful natural treatments for rejuvenation throughout the body.  Most recently, PRP’s benefits in aesthetic medicine have been discovered and the long list of its benefits continues to grow.

    Cosmetic fillers are a popular way to rejuvenate the face, lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve scars.  While there are several great filler products on the market, PRP offers a truly organic alternative with faster results.  Since the patient’s own blood is used to rejuvenate their appearance, using PRP also alleviates the risk of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.

    The procedure helps restore or enhance areas which require volume. PRP can be used for the following:

    • Diminishing the glabellar lines, also known as the number 11 sign between the brow
    • Diminishing forehead lines
    • Improving the appearance of periorbital lines, also known as crow’s feet
    • Diminishing nasolabial folds
    • Reducing smile lines
    • Treating acne scars
    • Improving the vertical lip lines, also known as lipstick lines
    • Improving the marionette lines (the ones from the corners of the  mouth to the chin)

    PRP contains growth factors which stimulate the body to repair and restore tissues using the body’s own natural processes. With this technique, you can rejuvenate the skin by isolating elements from the blood which can then be injected below wrinkles, folds and even acne scars.

    The benefits of PRP as a cosmetic filler is the ability to help your skin heal faster, no allergic reaction and faster skin rejuvenation for a longer period of time.


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    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) – The Natural Filler

    Rejuvenate naturally with cells from your own body!

    In our practice, we’ll often have some people who come in and want a natural filler with no risk of allergic reaction. Recently, people have come to us asking for the “vampire facelift” or the “Dracula facelift”, wherein the person’s own blood is used to rejuvenate their appearance in a way similar to that of popular fillers such as Restylane or Perlane. This procedure, however, is not a surgical facelift nor does it create the same effect as a facelift. The procedure only helps restore or enhance areas which require volume.

    Read more

    Dr. Amiya Prasad on the "Pretty Pill"

    CBS 2 Has What You Need To Know About Nutri-Cosmetics

    by Chris Wragge

    April 21, 2010, New York (CBS)- It seems like there’s a pill for every problem. Ache, pain or ailment, just head to the drug store. But would you buy a pill to make you pretty?

    Now, it’s an option available right in the vitamin aisle.

    CBS 2 HD recently was shown two photos – of women who were said to be identical twins. But for one of the sisters doctors said years of bad habits made her look considerably older.

    “The skin in many ways reflects our health,” Dr. Amiya Prasad said.

    Smoking and sun exposure are the biggest culprits in making you look older, but there is another contributing factor you may not realize — a poor diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.

    “Because what you do on the inside does affect your skin,” Dr. Prasad said.

    With many people saying they’re too busy to cook and get the proper nutrition, a new product has been developed spawning an industry called nutri-cosmetics. They’re vitamins and other supplements designed specifically to help the skin, hair and nails. They promise to not only keep you looking young, but help reverse some of the damage you may have already done.

    “It’s something that we have always known in the spa industry to be beneficial — that nutrition really affects the skin. It is definitely a growing category,” esthetician Caitlin Conn said.

    Nutri-cosmetics can contain a whole variety of ingredients that have been proven to help the skin — like lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes than can protect against sun damage. Green tea complex is used for treating acne. Vitamins A and C are essential for the health of collagen, and Omega 3 fatty acids are proven to improve skin texture and softness.

    “You can tell people to eat healthy and do the right things, but now you put a product together that bridges that connection. It will probably be easier for people to understand and certainly very convenient,” Dr. Prasad said.

    However, Dr. Prasad pointed out multi-vitamins can be equally as beneficial.

    “It’s been a way of life, you are what you eat,” Barbara Smith-Hawkins said.

    “I’m not going to say how old I am but no one believes how old I am,” added Gail Douglas of Valley Stream, N.Y.

    Smith-Hawkins and Douglas are both in their 50s. They said supplements have been a big part of their daily beauty routines for years.

    “Vitamin C, green tea, fish oil, vitamin E,” Smith-Hawkins said.

    But both women also said they exercise and eat healthy diets, which doctors said are the key to looking your best.

    “The pills can’t make you prettier in isolation. Your diet has to be right. You have to exercise. You have to maintain. It’s all about habits,” Dr. Prasad said.

    Other good skin habits include managing your stress levels and handling your skin gently when washing or removing makeup.