Skin Solutions for the Summer Sun

An advocate for your skin’s health, Dr. Prasad insists, “Without protection from UV rays, your ‘sun-touched glow’ is going to cost your skin – and the price includes wrinkles, dry skin and premature age spots.  Perhaps they won’t be visible this year – or next – but the damage is real, and it doesn’t automatically reverse itself.”

Dr. Prasad recommends using layered protection that includes moisturizers and high SPF sunscreens (30+), as well as cover ups such as hats and UV-rated sun glasses. Staying hydrated by drinking water is also vital for your skin. At Prasad Medi-Spa, we use a special Reveal Skin Analysis to determine the best approach to treating sun-damaged skin. Our Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation can also help to reverse the visible effects of sun exposure and stimulate collagen in your skin.

The Prasad MediSpa now offers Airbrush Body Bronzing (Spray Tan) as a safe alternative to adding some color to your complexion. Also, be sure to ask about our medical-grade Prasad Skin Care products, which includes our chemical-free sunblocks: Silk Defense SPF-30 or Moist Silk Defense Silk Defense SPF-30.