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The last time I had a facial, all my friends asked “What happened to your face?” (since it was so irritated) and I explained I that had a facial. Being a guy, a lot of my guy friends made fun of me for having a facial done! However, I just had the HydraFacial™ and instead of looking worse for a few days until the skin on my face settles back down – the HydraFacial™ was instant positive results. It only took 20 minutes and after I can feel my skin breathing and I feel refreshed. I’ve been happy with the results of other types of facials, however the HydraFacial™ allowed me to get on with my day without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of my skin just after. I definitely would recommend HydraFacial™ if you have an event to go to or a busy week or weekend planned – or if you are just a guy in general because you don’t have to lie there a very long time.

The process was really cool and quick. The esthetician at Prasad Medi-Spa started off the HydraFacial™ by putting a hydrating gel on my face to hydrate my very dry skin – this is good because I have to shave every 2 days, so my beard area gets extremely dry and sensitive from shaving so often. After she then infused the glycolic acid onto my my face, and using the special HydraFacial™ wand, began the extractions. There is no discomfort or pain, it is like a little suction – like a mini-vacuum that you can feel cleaning your facial pores and skin. I’ve noticed the most difference after HydraFacial™ on my nose – which gets very congested, dirty pores. My nose now looks very smooth with healthy skin. After the extractions, she re-hydrated my skin with the product. Then, she applied a green tea eye cream and also hydraluronic acid all over for extra rejuvenating.

Tinsley Mortimer visits Dr. Amiya Prasad for ‘Much Needed Facial’

Socialite and TV Personality Tinsley Mortimer Receives “Much-Needed Facial” from Pre-eminent Park Avenue Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad, M.D.

New York City: August 17, 2010 – Tinsley Mortimer, a pre-eminent young American socialite and fashion entrepreneur, is known as “one of the most famous faces of the New York scene.”  Earlier today, she added to her formidable beauty by receiving a facial from the highly-regarded Park Avenue cosmetic facial plastic surgeon – and author of the forthcoming book, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger” – Amiya Prasad, M.D.  “Going now for a much-needed facial from Dr. Prasad,” she tweeted earlier today on her Twitter.

Mortimer, who has a line of handbags and clothing for Samantha Thavasa in Japan – where her beauty is famous – has appeared in the Season Two premiere episode of Gossip Girls on The CW cable network.  This led to her own reality show, also on The CW, called High Society – it first aired earlier this year on March 10, airing immediately after America’s Next Top Model.

Mortimer also contributed a section to Dr. Stuart Fischer’s best-selling book, The Park Avenue Diet, in which she made recommendations on how to perfect conversational and social skills.

Dr. Amiya Prasad( is a pre-eminent Manhattan and New York area cosmetic facial plastic surgeon with offices in Park Avenue Manhattan and Garden City Long Island.  He is the author of the forthcoming beauty guide, “The Fine Art of Looking Younger – A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon’s Guide to Long Lasting Beauty.”

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