Ptosis in Asian Eyelids

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Q:  I am a 32 year old Asian female and I was diagnosed as left eye ptosis (2mm-2.5mm). My oculoplastic surgeon suggested an internal incision method based on the fact that I responded well to the neo eye drops. I have the following questions: 1.Is mullerectomy more difficult to perform on Asian eyelids because of the eyelid structure difference? 2.Can you recommend a good oculoplastic surgeon who is experienced in repairing Asian eyelid ptosis in the Washington DC area?

A:  In my opinion, considering eyelid surgery, it is reasonable to consider Muller’s muscle shortening to improve the symmetry of your eyes. The anatomy of Asian eyes in my hands does not have much of an impact on the surgical plan compared to Occidental eyes. As far as recommending someone for Asian Eyelid Surgery in the Washington DC area, you can visit the website of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS).

Q: Dear Doctors, I’m 28 years old Asian girl and I’ve been considering having surgery to fix my droopy eyelids for a long time. It is so annoying when people tell me I look tired, lazy and sad all the time. I want to look more awake and alert after the surgery. Is it also possible for the eye surgery to make my eyes bigger?

 A: Based on your photograph, you have “eyelid ptosis” which appears to be quite significant. Ptosis surgery can be beneficial and is worth pursuing to correct your appearance (i.e. tired, lazy, or sad disposition). Eyelid ptosis surgery can actually help your vision as well.