kim kardashian vampire facelift

It’s the bloody secret Kim Kardashian is turning to in order stay beautiful and it isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s being called the vampire facelift or the vampire facial. It promises younger, firmer-looking skin.

Kim underwent the procedure on the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. First, blood is taken from her arm, and then spun into a platelet-rich plasma.

The blood is then combined with a wrinkle-filler and then, the mixture is injected into the skin with tiny motorized needles.

It’s supposed to fill in fine lines and acne scars.

Kim tweeted a photo of what she looked like after the procedure and her face was a bloody mess. Some are even comparing it to the horror movie, Carrie.

And it’s not just Kim. Plenty of women looking for younger looking skin are undergoing the procedure.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Amiya Prasad, says he performs four vampire facelifts a week at his office in Manhattan.

Dr. Prasad said, “You want to go deep if you want to generate more collagen more aggressively for problems such as fine-lines, wrinkles or sun damage.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes and Dr. Prasad says results can last for about six months.

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