Refining your fat loss goal

Step 1

Check your current and target BMI Weight range here:

See where you are currently using this chart. Find out what is your current weight and then look where you should be, in terms of weight, to reach the normal healthy range according to the BMI chart. This will give you an approximate weight target goal.

Step 2

Use the nutrition calculator available on the website, here, to find out how many calories you should eat and your macro nutrition breakdown (diet) to trigger fat loss.

The nutrition calculator is currently only available on desktop devices. I made two options of calorie deficits to choose from and also two options of low carb diets to choose from. One diet is higher in protein, the other one is higher in fat, which is more aligned with a low carb diet.

Finally, the nutrition calculator will give you the number of carbs, proteins, fats, and fibers you should consume (in GRAM).

This is what you will enter into my Fitness Pal app to start your journey.

Another good info to have is what is your current body fat %. To see in what ballpark you are and what is your body type goal.

Check this image to find out what body fat percentage image is close to yours. Also, you can visually see the body type goal you want to look like.

Now, you have a better understanding of how much weight you need to lose and what is your current and target body fat %.
You also know how many calories to eat and the right diet plan to follow in order to trigger fat loss and restore your hormonal health.

The PDF Blueprint, in case you didn’t previously download it.