In this video, I want to address a common misconception people have when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and health in general. During conversations with people on these topics, we often brush on the question of why so many Americans are unhealthy, which can be extrapolated to the entire world now. 

And at the end of those discussions, the keyword that comes us regularly is: it’s about balance. This is the misconception I want to focus on in this video because chances are, you or people around you might think that…well, it’s all about balance.

A healthy lifestyle is not about balance

First, saying being healthy is all about balance is extremely vague. I find out that people thinking in such a manner don’t know much about nutrition science…Think about this, if you are helping someone lose weight or regain their health, does telling them it’s about balance help in any way?

Secondly, what is a balance to someone who has been eating unhealthy it’s entire life? 

Or using this logic in other topics. What is a balance to a mad person?So balance is very relative to each person, especially when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

If you want to really take care of your nutrition or help someone else, what you want to talk about BMR macronutrient ratios and calorie intake. These are way more helpful than saying it’s about balance…

Most people have no clue how much they should eat to be in the normal healthy range…back 1000 years ago, when the majority of people on earth were skinny, it wasn’t because we understood nutrition and had high wellness IQ, it’s because food was scares, it wasn’t as available as it is today, especially here in America.

So now that food is everywhere, people just eat and eat and eat because they don’t know how much they should eat, in relation to their activity levels, age, and sex. How many percentages of carbs, protein, fats, and fiber should you eat to maintain a fit and healthy body?

How many calories do you need to consume to trigger fat loss and fuel muscle growth? Because if we just stick to it’s about balance, we will reach the land of zero results. It’s bad advice. 

Going further, a person who is overweight to obese needs a different strategy than someone who is in the normal weight range or an athlete with a high level of activity. In those three cases, balance will mislead them.

A person who is overweight got to that point by overeating, hormone deregulation and not controlling step one, the mind, the missing link I always talk about.So the prescription to help him would be to actually be off-balance, way off, to trigger fat loss. 

Looking back to where I grew up, in Africa, I can tell you that the majority of people don’t know what a balanced diet means, which is also the case for most people here in the states. 

Now, I do understand that in the bigger picture, life is about balance, not living in the extreme, which is what I always believed. In the meditation space, we call it being centered, not having extreme views of life and lost in ideologies, having some yin and yang. 

Tailored Strategy to Get Back in Shape

But if you are off the road, lost in the jungle, being balanced and taking it easy will not help you, you will remain lost, so you have to apply some specific guidelines to get back to the road. And sometimes, that means going into some extremes because you are so far off the road. 

For example, If I’m helping someone lose weight, like 30-40 pounds, we have to reduce his calorie intake way below his normal because we have to force the body to dig into his fat cells to burn energy and help him lose weight.But this is not advised to someone who is in normal shape, that would be too extreme. 

Another example is if a student didn’t do well the first 80% of the year. If he wants to get back up to normal and pass the final exams, he will have to spend way more time studying. Balance doesn’t apply here, if you are behind, the only way to catch up is to work extra hard.China hasn’t made this amazing economic growth the past 30 years from being balanced and working 9 to 5… nope, they work more hours than us, often Saturday and Sunday, that’s the only way to catch up.

If you are poor and want to work enough time to have a balanced work-home life, chances are very low that you will get of this income range and rise up. Especially in today’s world, those who have more, instead of relaxing often work even harder.

So to finish, when it comes to your health, nutrition, and fitness, go beyond the saying of it’s about balance…educate yourself and really know the ins and outs of being healthy…Then make it your flavor, where it becomes natural, a way of life. 

It’s up to you,

Thank you

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