In this video, I would like you to try a small thought experiment. The objective is to help you become more aware of how fundamentally essential being healthy, disease-free is, and protect it.

As I said in the video program, the first two mental tools to make health your lifestyle is real, existential understanding because when you know how important is eating healthy and being fit, it’s like you know 1+1=2. You cannot say one plus one equal 5 ever again. Same with nutrition and fitness.

So all those vlogs are to help become more aware so this understanding can take place.

We live in a capitalistic society where we all aspire to get paid well for our skills, either in business, sports, entertainment, private or public services.

Each of us has in his mind, how much money they would like to acquire and few get to reach millions.

What is your Health Worth?

But have you ever thought that your net worth, meaning how much you are currently worth is already in the millions? You might not agree with me, what is Karl saying, that we are all worth millions? That’s not true.

Sure, but go along with me, If I ask you right now, how much would you be willing to get paid to cut your thumbs? Would you do it for 50K dollars? For 200K dollars?

I asked many people about this. I say be real with me, would you sell your arm, from your elbow down for half a million? Or how much is one of your eye worth, 2 million?

How much will someone have to pay you to lose the ability to walk, for your legs, 5 or 10 million?

I used to pepper some of my friends and coworkers a few years ago, all day long, I would ask them those weird questions.

And the thing about this mental experiment is that it makes you pause and think. At first, the money sounds good but once you start to reflect, it’s different.

Believe it or not, the majority of people I ask these questions priced their body parts, eyes, hands, legs, way more than I thought they would. Many times I said, no way, at that price. I would sell this body part.

I have friends who priced their legs at two or more billions dollars, which is crazy because who would pay that much for someone’s legs. Even for Usain Bolt’s legs. But again, I really don’t know what it feels like to lose the ability to walk.

What I realized is that most people come up with a very high number as a way to say, this body part is priceless to me.

And I agree with them. When you start to reflect and ponder about being normal and pain-free, having full usage of your legs, eyes, fingers.

Being able to run, to dance, to move your body freely, to taste, we all take this as given, because we had these perfectly functioning bodies as long as we can remember, so it’s normal to us.

But we should celebrate more this amazing gift, being able to move freely and having your brain firing the right way, breathing with ease. Those are privileges we were given as we came into the world.

Your body is a temple

The human body is a temple, and depending on how we take care of it, we can reach high states of internal happiness, peak wellness, and outside, achieve goals we set forth and contribute in the world.

The beautiful cathedral of Italy, France and other impressive religious monuments, none of them come close to the wonders of what the human body is.

It’s one of the most complex bio-machine existence has created so far. We visit the pyramid of Egypt, the ruins of Ancient Greece or the amazing architecture of Italy, how many of us are as amazed by our bodies.

Your body is a piece of art, depending on how much you take care of it. Luxury cars, big houses, clothes, great experiences, traveling, love ones…all this is great but how much are you spending in terms of money and time, to take care of the greatest machine invented in the universe we know about?

if your body is that priceless? Your behavior, how you take care of it every day will be a testament to this belief.

It’s up to you, thank you.

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