We decided that it was time to do our own facelift by rejuvenating the look and feel of the practice.  One morning, as I walked into our office, I looked around at all of the new changes, and I appreciated the need for our growing practice, medical-grade products and state-of-the-art services to have a uniform and unique identity.

At Prasad Cosmetic Surgery, we have a core set of values which we want to communicate. As I firmly believe in providing artistry, excellence, and results, I want people to know that the Prasad Medi-Spa and the Prasad Skin Care and Hair Care products adhere to the same values. I personally endorse our services and products, so it made sense to use the “Prasad” name as the identifier for my practice, medispa, and skincare line. Our new logo has great meaning as it marks a new horizon for our brand and represents the expert quality of care we continue to offer our clients.

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