Q: Hi, i’d like to know if a face lift can be used to reshape the face and not just for sagging skin. i’m 30 years old so my skin is still pretty tight but the whole face is kinda “droopy”, i wonder if a face lift or a forehead lift could just be used to reshape the upper part of my face and make it wider and make the eyes a little more almond shape or make the jawline tighter.

A: Someone who is 30 years old or younger may not be ready for a facelift surgery, but may be showing signs of aging. This question identifies elements of the face that define a youthful face and elements of the face that change due to aging that make one appear older that he or she is. Instead of lifting, there are options to add volume. In my book “The Fine Art of Looking Younger”, I address facial aging as 2 processes: dissent and volume loss. Dissent is when part of the face or body begin to droop downward, such as the skin, cheeks, and eyes. Volume loss is when the features lose their fullness, such as hollowing in the cheek area. This question asks to add volume to the cheek area and make the eyes appear more almond shape and upturned- both of those are the elements of a youthful face. Facial aging has been described by many of our colleagues,that when we are younger, our face is like an upside down triangle (in which the top part of the face is wider); as we get older, it is more like a triangle in the proper orientation (in which the lower part of the face is wider). There are choices to help you improve your appearance. My advice: find a qualified cosmetic surgeon, (who doesn’t necessarily have to perform surgery) that is familiar and comfortable with facial work and can provide the results you.

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