Do you love your prison?

Many times, when I’m helping someone lose weight, gain muscle or improve their overall health, I interview them to learn everything I can about their current lifestyle. Next, I advise them and provide a blueprint for them to start.

Often time, when I’m giving people examples of food they will need to remove from their diets, I can see their emotions shift downward.

That’s how this story of loving your prison comes into play. I heard it a few years ago, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it might as well be true because it’s an allegory about human psychology.

They say back in the french revolution, when the king got dethroned, the population went to locals prisons and freed everyone who was in it. Because so many of them were in prison just for being opposed to the king and monarchy.

Some prisoners were in jail for 10+ years, spending the majority of their time outside prison cells with chains on their hands or a big round stone linked to their ankles.

So when these prisoners got freed, many of them came back weeks after for the simple reason that they were so accustomed to being chained in prison for the majority of the day, they felt uneasy being chain free. To the point where many prisoners, now free, couldn’t sleep at night. They felt better, happier in prison than outside of it.

This story expresses what I often find out with some people looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Even though eating healthy and being active is shown to increase human happiness in so many ways, some do not want to give up bad eating habits…the same way some people rather stay in toxic relationships than being on their own.

Some food habits can slow you down, make you more tired, overweight, unhappy, but because those habits are so anchored, you feel attached and attracted to them.

You talk to people who swear, they want to be in better shape, healthy, vibrant, but once you start to give them a blueprint, all the sudden, it’s too much effort, you know what, I’m not ready right now, It’s a lot you are asking.

Can someone be sick, stressed, unhealthy, lethargic, overweight and happy? Is this possible? I don’t know. But there is a biological basis to happiness, one needs to be in a proper mental, physiological and environmental range.

Some people attachment to unhealthy food is so strong that I start slow sometimes, I say, you know what, you can still eat this type of food but we have to reduce the quantities. So step by step we can help them cut unhealthy food and transition to a healthy lifestyle.

But many times I really want to stay, hey, just cut it out right away, cold turkey. Be courageous, first understand what is at stake, your health, vibrancy, happiness, not being in pain and sick. Then gather courage and make the switch, once and for all. Because we all know people who made life decisions in split seconds.

If I’m unknowingly poisoning myself and you help me identify the cause, if I really know the consequence of poisoning my body and mind, If I understand it, I cannot say, you know what, I’m going to take less poison but still ingest it. Right there, I would cut it out.

Now, without a doubt, it’s more complex with unhealthy food, because this poison has some positive effects, the initial pleasure of it can make us forget the poisonous effect on our health. Hence why you need to reassess your relationship with food, become more aware of the true impact on your health, physical and mental.

I do understand that this approach of cutting bad food from your life, all at once, might do more harm than good if you are not ready, at your core, to make this shift, once and for all.

This why I suggest, before even looking to lose weight and get in top shape, take care of the mental element first, which is 99% of it. Become more united within, toward changing your lifestyle.

It’s up to you, thank you

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