Private Coaching

I have been interested in sports and fitness my whole life, mainly basketball. While studying economics and political science at Arizona State University, I also started learning more in-depth about nutrition and fitness science. By immediately applying everything I was learning through my studies, I went from being very skinny to muscular and fit. As my nutrition improved, so did my overall physical and mental health. In my senior year of college, I started training friends and athletes looking to improve their fitness and health.

Returning to the east coast in 2012 for work, I began training clients on a freelance basis. Combining my studies of fitness and nutrition science with the lessons learned from training friends and college athletes, my approach was to oversee clients nutrition while training them. I further refined my methods by adding mindfulness coaching and stress reduction. The culmination of developing this protocol has lead to  finalizing my first wellness book,focusing on a psychological approach to health, in addition to two extensive video programs for people looking to lose weight or gain muscle.


How exactly will I help you?

To start, we will discuss your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass? I will help you clarify that goal by calculating exactly how much fat you need to lose and/or muscle you need to gain in order to reach your target body type. Many people looking to lose weight or gain muscle don’t know exactly how much is needed to reach their desired body mass index (BMI). It’s important for the mind to be precise in defining what we want in order to construct and execute an effective plan of action. During this process, I will also compute your current body fat percentage in order to figure out how much fat you need to lose to be lean.

Next, I will assess your current nutrition, fitness and your environment. What are your past and current eating habits? How are people in your life eating at home and at work? What lessons on food and eating did you learn from your parents? Did you play any sports growing up, or otherwise exercise often in the past? This information helps me learn more about you and figure out how we will remove roadblocks, mental and physical habits not conducive to creating and sustaining a  fit and healthy lifestyle. Remember, you don’t just want to reach your goal and relapse, you want to build a lifestyle you can keep for the rest of your life. We will also identify future obstacles to anticipate and come up with plans to prevent or eliminate them one by one. Finally, I will give you a realistic estimation of how much time you will need to reach your goals.

Once I know more about you, your life and your goals, I will build a short and long-term fitness and nutrition plan. I will explain in detail how the fitness program will affect you. If your goal is to lose weight, I will design a program to maximize fat loss through the process of lipolysis, wherein your body starts to use fat cells, instead of the food you eat, for energy. If you want to gain muscle, I will build a training periodization program to stimulate fast muscle growth and vary your routine so that you never plateau.

Your nutrition plan will go hand in hand with your fitness training. If you want to lose fat, your nutrition will be focused on turning off insulin production (the main hormone involved in fat storage) and activating glucagon (the fat burning hormone inside the body). If you want to gain muscle, I will calculate how many calories and macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) you need to eat to support optimal weight training. On top of the fitness and nutrition plans, I will recommend supplements that support and boost you through each transitional period along the way to your goals.

After everything is planned and prepared, I will assess your current fitness level and mobility with a FREE training session.

The most important aspect in helping you reach your goal will be developing a healthy mindset using a detailed psychological framework. Some psychological keys I will help you with include:

  • Focusing on the reasons why you want to be fit and healthy
  • Identifying current and future roadblocks
  • Testing the strength of your desire to be fit and healthy
  • Aligning your beliefs and behavior
  • Anticipating the “harsh” period of transition, or the purgatory
  • Food can’t make you happy, pleasure is temporary, pain is always around the corner
  • Understanding why we using food to mask unpleasant emotions is a bad recipe
  • The same principles for a successful career working in health and fitness.
  • Pleasure and pain are sides of the same coin
  • Being healthy and fit is a competitive advantage
  • Understand the triggers that can lead you to relapse
  • A thought is an action, a seed that leads to a behavior
  • Don’t take your health or absence of diseases for granted
  • Rest and recover- the better you can rest, the better you can handle stress
  • Become accountable to yourself first
  • Understand what are incompatible and contradictory desires
  • The importance of managing your mindstate
  • Why now is stronger than destiny