Plastic Fantastic: Platelet Rich Plasma fillers

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Between an eye-lift and a hair transplant, Dr Prasad took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Swide about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) fillers, the latest must have age defying practice.

But first here’s a brief biology lesson to get to grips with the terminology. Plasma is the yellow liquid which makes up over 50% of the blood. The actual blood cells are suspended in the plasma, making it the petrol of our organism. Platelets are those tiny cells that serve to create blood clots and therefore start the healing process of the skin.

PRP has been used for a while in other medical specialities, such as in orthopaedics for the cure of joints and chronic injuries to help stimulate the healing process. While three years ago, medical professionals from the cosmetic sphere started to think about the uses of PRP in their field. Dr Prasad, a facial rejuvination specialist at the Prasad Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in New York City, has been using this substance as a filler for two years now. “By placing it [PRP] in the skin” Dr Prasad explains, “you are injuring the skin in a controlled way and you are essentially healing a wrinkle by filling it with a material that will recruit the body’s collagen and start the healing process.” In layman’s terms, unlike Botox, PRP is used to restore volume under the skin.

PRP fillers are particularly effective on fine lines around the mouth, eyes, even bags under the eyes and also to reduce the depth of acne scars. The optimum age to undergo a treatment is when you are over forty, unless you want to treat acne scars, then the median age of the patient is halved.

And how about those stubborn expression lines? Well PRP fillers can also work on those. Dr Prasad says that this treatment can be used“ anywhere where the lines are relatively small, forehead lines are shallow, Botox can relax them but there is no good filler to plump them out and we’ve been using PRP.”

How do PRP fillers compare to more traditional chemical fillers like Restylane? Dr Prasad explains that it’s a matter of patience, the two provide more or less, equivalent results, its just a question of time. “With Restylane you get immediate results, because 1cc of liquid equals 1cc of correction. With PRP you may get immediate appearance of improvement but you have to wait to see the result because body has to respond by generating collagen. It’s a healing process.” Even though the results may come more slowly, the effects of PRPs however, can last a year or more, while other chemical fillers start fading after about six months. A PRP session, which can consist of 3 or 4 injections, is also better value for money, as typically it costs $1.500, while for one syringe of Restylane the retail price is $800.

PRP fillers are attracting an increasing amount of would be clients. “People do a lot of research, they learn a lot online, and they come and ask about it.” Dr Prasad has found that his role as surgeon has developed into teacher as well, “ often I have to educate them on what [fillers] can and can’t do. It takes the judgement of a professional to understand what they can do and how to apply them so you get the maximum benefit.”

In recent years, cinema, TV and literature have resurfaced the public’s fascination and interest in Vampires- today, in cosmetic surgery, the benefits of blood go further than fantasy and are becoming reality.

The Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System – noninvasive, virtually pain-free, nonablative facial skin tightening.

The aging process and the cumulative effects of sun exposure, gravity, genetics, and other factors cause a loss of skin elasticity, which unfortunately leads to sagging of the skin and a loss of facial structural support. The key to tightening up loose skin without undergoing a facelift lies in a process known as “neocollagenesis” or stimulating new collagen. Whereas lasers use light to target the tissue, radiofrequency devices use energy to heat the skin below the surface to produce a tightening effect. The Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System is one of the newest innovations in noninvasive, virtually pain-free, nonablative facial skin tightening. The technology utilizes advanced radiofrequency to induce collagen contraction without damaging the skin’s surface.

Dr. Prasad reports the most significant areas of improvement in terms of visible reduction of wrinkles are in areas of thinner skin, such as around the eyes, “Pellevé can eliminate “crow’s feet” in eye area, caused by aging. Pellevé can also get rid of wrinkling that causes frown lines above the brow, renewing the appearance. Pellevé has been proven to provide safe and effective skin tightening in medical studies. Because Pellevé is a non-invasive procedure, there are minimal side effects and discomfort. Unlike other skin tightening systems, no anesthesia or skin cooling is needed during the procedure.”Pellevé device is that it’s a skin tightening procedure that doesn’t have any downtime. The tightening occurs at the under surface of the skin as the radiofrequency gets applied to the deep tissues. The technology allows me to tailor the procedure to each individual, which means I work on the eye area or on the fine lines around the mouth as needed. This ability to customize the treatment is a significant benefit.” (Read full article below.)

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Social Life Magazine Features Me in September Issue

Social Life - Beth Ostrosky Stern Cover
Social Life Magazine – September 2010 Issue

Social Life Magazine Features Me in September Issue

Along With Real Housewives of NYC’s Ramona Singer; Author, Cover Model and Animal Rights Activist Beth Ostrowski Stern and “Ultimate Trendsetter” Kim Bates

Prestigious trend-setter Social Life Magazine featured me in its September issue, and recently hosted me and other featured Hamptons Social Life leaders at an event at the Social Life Estate. There, I had the opportunity to “chat it up” with the stunningly-beautiful cover girl and animal rights activist Beth Ostrowski Stern – like me, an author of a compelling new non-fiction book aimed at helping people improve their lives.  Beth and I discussed our books – mine is the forthcoming The Fine Art of Looking Younger – as well as her passion for animal rights and the work she does for animals in the Hamptons.

Society pages reported that I was also seen tête-à-tête with celebrity powerhouse and Real Housewives of NYC break-out star Ramona Singer, as well as with celebrity model fashionista and “ultimate trendsetter” Kim Bates, recently described in the New York’s Daily Style as a combination of fashionable, chic, sassy, popular, stunning, classy, elegant, fabulous, posh, sparkling, polished and witty.   In fact, I found both of these young women as fascinating as they are beautiful.

I’m proud to say that this issue of Social Life focused on my distinctive philosophy on facial cosmetic surgery.  “If people compliment you on your surgery, then you probably had too much surgery,” they quoted me as explaining.  “Your goal should be to seek natural-appearing features rather than a whole new face.”  Social Life noted that “Dr. Prasad’s clientele stand by this philosophy, accumulating a large fan base for the past fifteen years that includes high profile socialites and celebrities.  It’s not a simple nip-and-tuck with Dr. Prasad – his boutique practice is especially designed for discerning clients who desire rejuvenation treatments with natural and subtle results, based on understanding his patients main concerns and real goals.”  Social Life noted that Dr. Prasad’s practice focuses on his premiere specialty, eye rejuvenation and facelifting, and “for eye rejuvenation, men account for fifty percent of Dr. Prasad’s clients.”

I think they caught my commitment to my patients, and to helping them look and feel wonderful, very well.

Social Life also featured Beth Ostrowski Stern on the cover, and described her as: “Besides flowing wheat blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes, this model and activist’s dedication to the Hamptons and its wildlife sets her apart from the rest.  Genuine, sweet and funny, Beth is a tireless advocate for animal rights, a year-round Hamptonite, and now a proud author of Oh My Dog (Simon & Schuster).”

Having met and talked with her, I can assure you that she is all of that, and more.

I was quite honored to be included in such remarkable company.  You can see this article at my website,

Dr. Prasad at Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge Opening

On Saturday, July 24th, New York City Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Prasad was amongst the guests who attended  the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge Opening at Blue Star Jets Field in Bridgehampton. Other guests included Kourtney Kardashian, Amber Rose, and model/athlete Nacho Figueras. Visit links to see photos.