Everything is natural, cancer is natural,
the coronavirus is also natural, so?


From time to time, I have conversations with people about life in general, how we can improve ourselves and many of those conversations lead to fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

But sometimes, I am told that people cannot change, because it’s their nature, so if someone has a sweet tooth, that’s it, it’s who they are, we should just accept it. Or if a person gets angry often or depressed, we should accept it and support them because it’s part of their nature. Someone is a drug addict, hey, that’s his nature.

This type of answer always sounds illogical to me because saying it’s your nature as I way to not improve yourself is a cop-out because if you really think about it, everything in this world is part of nature.

Better be honest and say, you know what. I don’t want to change who I am, as currently constructed, I’m fine like this. But saying it’s your nature so you cannot change, that’s a copout.

The coronavirus is part of Nature, cancer is part of nature, diabetes is part of nature…So saying you don’t want to change or improve yourself because you are who you are is self-limiting and deceptive.

Being fit, healthy, happy, mentally flourishing is also part of nature. Everything that is possible in the universe is part of nature. But because it’s part of nature doesn’t mean it’s always good for you. We have the power to reduce downsides and increase upsides. Through our actions, we can go toward more suffering or more happiness.

And that’s the beauty of being humans, the freedom we possess allows us to improve, we are not fixed.

But this freedom also means that nature will cooperate with us in any direction we choose to go. If you want to eat unhealthy and stay inactive, nature will cooperate and help you, that will become your nature, if you want to be miserable, nature will cooperate with you and provide you more opportunities to be unhappy.

If you want to work hard and become successful at what you do, nature will cooperate,
If you want to be healthy and vibrant, nature will also cooperate.

Whatever you choose to do and become, nature will cooperate.
Now, here is the twist…Nature will cooperate with you… but are you cooperating with nature?

By that I mean, there is a way to move in the world by going in the same direction nature is flowing.
You can swim against the streams or float with the stream. Nature has ways for us to move that creates the least amount of suffering and resistance in our lives, this is what the essence of the TAO is all about.

Tao means the way, a way to be so in tune with nature that our behavior flows with it. We are in sync.
Applied to the body and mind, harmony and sync are what we call being healthy.

And if you reflect on this, you see that whenever you are out of sync, you can feel pain…a headache, a toothache, back pain or worse…those are notifications that we are not in harmony. And as soon as we fix these issues…we are back in sync and everything feels right and pleasant.

If you play sports, you might understand this better by what athletes call being in the zone, it’s a surreal feeling. You feel like everything is flowing, you are in perfect synchrony.

You can eat enough to be healthy, that’s flowing with how your body is supposed to be.
You finish eating and you feel satiated, not full, not bloated, not drowsy.

Or you can swim upstream and overeat and become fat, obese and sick, that’s also nature but here, you are going against natural laws, hence suffering from it.

From a higher vantage point, we can see that being in sync with nature is what science is about, discovering hidden laws of nature, creating technologies following those laws and improving our lives.

  • By understanding gravity, we can fly airplanes today
  • By understanding electricity, we have light
  • By understanding thermodynamics, we have cold air in casinos in the deserts, I love me some Las Vegas
  • By understanding nutrition, you can be healthy, strong and vibrant
  • Remaining a kid is natural, so is growing up
  • Being immature is natural, so is maturing and going beyond, blossoming
  • Being overweight is natural, so is being fit and healthy

Tao means the way, it’s up to you to cooperate with the laws of nature, get in tune with nature around and within you, or go against it. In either case, nature will cooperate with you because you are part of nature, it’s one uni-verse, we all parts of one super-organism.

It’s up to you, thank you

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