I often see people who want to lose weight or gain muscle making a critical mistake from the start. They are being pulled apart mentally and physically in life in so many directions that it will close to impossible to reach their fitness goals. 

Being pulled apart gives you a decisive handicap from the start. 

Mentally, when your priorities are not strongly established and your intentions are weak, you are fragmented. And being divided drains a lot of energy.  No matter the nutrition plan and workout plan you have, even the best of the best will not help you because you are not moving as a unit, all in, straight in one direction. 

This is the reason I hate motivation and empowering. Those two words imply people being powerless. When your body has one master, you don’t need to rely on jolts of motivation, all you need is some spark of inspiration and use the power within you to execute and take care of what you choose to do. 

Health comes from being whole, but you don’t need to reach your target weight to become healthy, it all starts in the brain, right here, right now you can become healthy. The rest will follow through. It’s like a tsunami, one step below your mind is the epicenter, ground zero, 

when you unify everything within, the effect will be seen in your physiology and external appearance within weeks and months. We see it with people making a life-changing decision in split seconds.

This is the mental approach we take when helping people losing weight or gaining muscle.

When you help clients take care of the mental aspect of health first, there is less resistance for them to adopt a new lifestyle, there is less friction, less mental energy drained.

Now the whole process is smoother, it’s a joy, because step by step, you know you are moving in the right direction, like a straight arrow. You see your body and health changing for the better. 

This process is very similar to Michael Angelo, carving up David, every week you see the progress you are making. 

Doubt is gone, trust, trusting yourself, that capacity and potential to adapt becomes your operating system. Don’t try to look good because of society, because you are competing with other people, 

do it first and foremost for yourself. That’s enough.  This is what scientists call intrinsic motivation, from within, because you deserve to be at your best to fully experience Your life, your story.  

It’s up to you, thank you. 

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