Have you ever been in a situation where you have a friend or loved one that by watching them behave, you can predict, almost see where this story is going to end? Like what is going to happen, not with 100% certainty but in the ballpark.

Then time goes on and what you thought would happen to them ends up happening. You saw it coming, but for some reason, they didn’t see it coming, they are almost shocked about it.

I call this sniper vision or insight into the future. And there is really no magic about it. It’s just observation.

If you think about it, a sniper vision is just the ability to see the ripple effect of actions we take right now, so it seems like you can see the future but that’s not the case, you just see how actions might evolve. Probability.

When it comes to nutrition, fitness, and health, the same thing is true. Many times, I see people, friends, family members and loved ones who, from how they are currently eating and their activity level I can predict what will happen next. Many people I knew when I was younger, 10-15 years ago, just seeing their lifestyle, you could almost predict in what shape they would be 10 years later.

When you reflect on life and where we all end up, in work, relationships, parenting, mental and physical health, it really comes down to our ability to see, to perceive the world and ourselves clearly and make decision-based on our perceptions, hence the word visionary.

But if your vision is clouded by emotional affliction like anger, depression, anxiety, laziness or strong desires pulling you in so many directions…or simply being distracted…your decision making every day will reflect that…

You might have some people around you provide guidance, books, financial or emotional support but it will be hard for you to use it toward self-improvement.

You hear this phrase often, people only see and hear what they want to see. 7.8 billion humans… 7.8 billion worlds each of us lives in. We all have filters coloring our perception of ourselves and the world.

So when it comes to your health, physical, mental, and your nutrition. Take a seat, breathe calmly and make a fair assessment of your current emotional and physical state.

Then use the sniper vision to observe the ripple effect of your current lifestyle, what self-destructive habits are you reinforcing, what new habit seeds are you planting. What type of flower is it going to produce in the near future, will it be poisonous and make you feel worse or enable you to blossom, physically and mentally?

If me and you were sitting near a road looking at cars from afar, if you have a sniper scope and I don’t, you will be able to magically tell me what cars are coming maybe 10 minutes away from my field of vision. This is exactly what you can do with your health and people around you.

But you need to slow down a bit, sit down and have an honest assessment about yourself because having a sniper vision of your own life is the only way you can have an insight, an aha moment that can help you make a drastic, positive shift in your life. This is what psychotherapy is all about.

The role of the therapist is to guide you with conversations to arrive at insights, she or he, already has about you and your life, by just listening to you. But if the therapist tells you all the insights and advice you should take, it will not have the same transformative effect.

What they would like you to do is arrive at those same conclusions from within. Which is the beauty of the word insight, meaning, seeing from within…

Become insightful about yourself, at that moment, you become your own health coach, your own guru, and your inner guru is 1000X more powerful than all the motivational speakers in the world.

It’s also called self-awareness.

It’s up to you

Thank you

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